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Why this site?  Why the Institute?

Decisions made from an articulate, reflective, ValueCentered© position have the greatest sense of integrity, are the most useful, and lead to the greatest successes.

If we want to become more successful … if we want to take charge of our lives (no matter what their character), we should strive for awareness and clarity in our values, our emotions that are their reflections, and our decisions that flow from them.  Correct understanding leads from successes in business decisions to showing our love more completely.

 At the heart of a ValueCentered© system is the proposition that there are ways to create positive outcomes for ourselves and others.  Even in a hostile environment, a ValueCentered© position will provide the greatest opportunity for resolution without damage.  This site and The Institute are about sharing our discoveries with those who want to improve the quality of their lives and about providing direct help in gaining that success.

Dr. Darrel Edwards (called Dr. Darrel or Dr. D. by those he has served) created a model that has become "A ValueCentered Theory of Behavior.”It is visually represented by “The Tree of ValueCentered Knowledge"®. The theory has been applied to understanding behavior of humans and their animal friends. It clearly diagnoses why things go right and why they go wrong within individuals and relationships. It tells us what to do to make things go right.

The Institute For A ValueCentered Life was formed to share the plan with others; to reward things that are right; and to alert us to things that are wrong. ValueCentered Theory is the result of more than 6,000 interviews personally conducted by Dr. D. and his partners and more than 1,200,000 interviews that have been conducted under his direction, all over the world, by ValueCentered© researchers trained by him and his partners. His investigations have ranged from clinical cognitive psychology, semantics, and psycholinguistics to philosophy and religion and physics and mathematics for over 30 years.


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