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Chris Chaney

Biographical Details


Biographical Details

I come from a military service family. My father spent 37 years in the U.S. Army, having served in WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War. I have an older and younger brother. My older brother is a petroleum engineer in Alaska, and my younger brother is a systems manager for Philips Medical Division in Seattle, Washington. My father passed away in 1995, and my mother still resides in Anchorage, Alaska - where I mostly grew up and consider to be my hometown.

Having four kids, obviously has a greater influence upon what is most important to me - as it would with most. I enjoy my kids and appreciate being part of their development and the love that they share. My oldest son is involved with scouting, which gives me the double benefit of spending time with him, and spending time backpacking and camping-something I thoroughly enjoy and consider one of my hobbies. My family's importance to me is easily explained - I love them! I enjoy listening to them play the violin. Their musical talent may not be concert quality yet, but the efforts are endearing.

Perhaps second in importance, is the ability to serve others. For me, it's not cliche or a nice thing to say - it's who I am, as it was with my parents. Helping and serving other people brings great pleasure and satisfaction. Helping others adds great perspective to all life has to offer. It gives balance to know intimately, the variety of challenges others have. It's inspiring to see others overcome challenges, especially when you can be part of the solution, by being supportive.


Majored in English, at the University of Oklahoma, and was invited to join the Alumni Scholar Group. I also studied at several behavioral profile and understanding schools, which were taught by former profilers from the FBI.

Awards or Honors

Participant in the Alumni Scholar group for the academic excellence while at the University of Oklahoma.

Traveler Aid Society of San Diego, Inc. "2000 Help on the Move Award" winner, for exceptional service to the traveling public. 1998 San Diego Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Exceptional Performance Recognition by 79th District California State Legislature and San Deigo County Supervisor, Second District. Special Congressional Recognition by Congressman Brian Bilbray and Duncan Hunter for exceptional performance.

Over sixty times formally commended by supervisors, commanding officers, Drug Enforcement Agency, and local political leaders-often a result of superior interview skills and techniques.

Frequent guest speaker at local chamber of commerce, business, and civic groups, University of California San Diego, and local news and radio stations. 1998 City of San Diego Diversity Distinction Award recipient for recognizing and supporting workplace norms and values, and insights into employee motivation.


I worked five years as a technical writer and editor at Mitchell International Automotive Publishing. While in this position, I co-authored and contributed to the publishing of over 55 instructional manuals, and wrote corporate account manuals for Allen Test Products (auto test equipment manufacturer), with contributive articles for Motor Trend magazine. During this time, I gained a tremendous understanding of complex automotive technologies. I gained understanding about the automotive industry and it's trends in advancement.

I worked 12 years for the San Diego Police Department, and investigated over a thousand cases. I have investigated complex cases that involved the most serious crimes, and have testified extensively in these cases, as a detective, and have submitted several hundred cases to the district attorney's office. During this time, I gained a great understanding of the skill of interviewing and effective communication. Having personally interviewed thousands of witnesses, suspects, and citizens in general - has allowed me to quickly understand deeply held motivating feelings that influence decision-making.

Working with the Institute has confirmed a life long belief, that if individuals are diligent and are given the right atmosphere and good tools, success will always follow. Outside factors will also play a role, but overall, success will come. I have come to understand the significance of having certain core/basic needs met-such as security and trust. I have always believed in principle, that core values such as trust, freedom, self-esteem, and balance are the foundation to decision-making but working for my organization has taught me a structure for it's application to just about all aspects of life.

Favorite Quotes

Fortune Magazine (March 2002) about our organization:

"The idea behind Strategic Vision is that people behave according to a developmental set of values..."

Our behavior, decisions, conduct, and actions will always be influenced by what is most important to us - moment by moment, day to day, and throughout life!


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