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Our Vision & Our Goal
To Make Our Partners, Heroes!
We Invite You to be Our Partner!

The Institute For A ValueCentered Life®, Inc, is a tax-exempt non-profit California Corporation.

Its principles and philosophy have created success worldwide.

We have, as our financial goal, to become a self-perpetuating financial institution. An institution with growth in assets each year until we have endowed the organization with a $10,000,000 base.   From this base the costs for operating the organization would be drawn from return on investment without depleting the endowed sum.

Our support comes from three major sources:

  1. Charitable gifts
  2. Membership donations
  3. Donations for educational material

There is no financial obligation to become a Partner, however there are costs associated with materials, training, or research.

Member Title
Darrel Edwards Founder, President, and CEO
Susan Johnson Founder, Vice-President, and Secretary
Sharon Shedroff Founder, Vice-President, and Treasurer
Alexander Edwards Associate and Vice-President
Peter-David Edwards Associate and Director of Information and Media
Shauna Hatton-Ward Associate and Director of Family Advocacy
Christopher Chaney Associate and Director of Community and International Affairs
Candy Day Associate and Director of Organization and Senior Management
Karin Edwards Associate and Director of Special Projects
James Edwards Associate and Director of Arts
Amy Edwards Associate and Director of Child Development & Parenting
Jennifer Edwards Associate and Director of Family & Community Relations
Alex Hare Associate and Artistic Liaison
David Lazott Associate and Director of Finance
Douglas Blackburn Associate and Director of Technical Maintenance
Chuck Borough Associate and Director of Program Management
Leona Borough Associate
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