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Peter Edwards

Biographical Details


Biographical Details

I met my wife in October of 1991. We have been married since April of 1996. We met as dancers on the UCSD Dancesport Team which we now, so many years later, coach. We have two wonderful daughters: Gabriella and Madeline. My father is Dr. Darrel Edwards the president and founding partner of the Institute. Also my Mother and two brothers reside in San Diego. My family has always been my support for all that I do.I grew up surrounded by the principles and theories of ValueCentered living. In fact the methodology was developed in the year of my birth. During my years in School I worked full time for the Institute and its sister companies The Edwards Associates and Strategic Vision. This gave me the opportunity to truly learn what it meant to have a ValueCentered life and how to apply its principles in daily life as a person, student, family member, father, and worker. After graduation my wife and I decided to go full time into dance and start our own production company and dance instruction business.

By always keeping in mind the things we had learned and are still learning, in a very short time our company has grown at an incredible rate.

I am currently a professional dancer, coach, and event producer.

"Dancing is not only a physical journey, but an emotional one. The purpose and drive is to become aware of oneself and how to bring out the inner self in the physical expression of movement."

"As coach of the award winning UCSD Dancesport team, I have had the opportunity to bring many others to achieve their potential and grow as individuals. As UCSD is mainly an academic school, the greatest experience is helping the students to realize that they are capable of of self expression and artistry in a way they never thought possible."


B.S. Biology - University of California San Diego
Minor in Theater/Dance


Awards or Honors

UCSD Sports Clubs Coach of the Year

US Terpshicore Associate Member - Professional Dance Teacher Certifications
Associate Member of American Translators Association - Brazilian Portuguese
Many Open professional Championship titles for Latin American Dancing and US National Semi-Finalist 1993-present
Eagle Scout 1991

Owner and Artistic Director of Synergy Productions, Inc.


Head Coach - UCSD Dancesport Team

Financial Director and Director of South American Projects - The Edwards Associates

Lead Tele-Interpreter for Omni International Interpretations - Brazilian Portuguese

Serra High School Assistant Coach - Co-Ed Water Polo team

Serra High School Assistant Coach - Men's Volleyball team

My Role at the Institute

My role at the institute is Director of Information and Media

I am the one in charge of all communications and media that goes out to the public about the institute and its goals. I manage this web site and aid in the production of other materials that its members distribute and use in educational ventures.

Favorite Quotes

Paraphrasing and summarizing what the great Jedi Master Yoda said in the movie, the Empire Strikes Back when he is arguing with Obi-Wan to not train Luke Skywalker:

You cannot look away to the past and the future. Be mindful of them, yes, must you be. But one must concentrate on where you are and what you are doing to feel the flow of the force.

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