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The true order to human development is the same whether you are talking about relationships, financial transactions, or raising your kids. It doesn't matter what the topic is, the principles of how to deal with things is universal.  Shadows, the Game of Life helps us look at our problems, decisions, or issues with the proper perspective and learn how to take action, so we can live more fulfilling lives.  It is a fun, informative, and incredibly insightful way to look at the issues in your life and get the answers you need!

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Rhinos Eat Only Grass!

A Story of Weight Loss and Self Image


Have you tried over and over to lose weight and keep it off.  If you haven't you know someone who has.  In the story that you will find here, you will learn one of the biggest secrets about dieting and becoming who you want to be.  If it's an acquaintance, a friend or a loved one instead of you, share the secret with them or give them this web address.  Some find the secret difficult to accept, but it embraces truth.  Take a look.

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