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Sharon Shedroff

Biographical Details


Biographical Details

I was born in Middletown, CT.

"My family consists of my mom and dad (who moved to San Diego from Connecticut 15 years ago to be close to me), my two Shih Tzus (fuzzy-coated dogs of Chinese origin) and my beautiful red chestnut Morgan Horse, A W Wishful Thinking (Ms. Wishes to her friends). Although I was an only child, I have a Brother and a Sister who love me and support me: Darrel Edwards and Susan Johnson.

I am a founding member of the Institute and have been with the core group for 23 years. I have assisted communities in establishing clinics to serve the underserved. I have conducted research and consulted worldwide on cultural, political, and medical issues.


B.A. Anthropology and Sociology
Syracuse University

M.A. Clinical Psychology
California School of Professional Psychology
4000 Hour Supervised Internship
Clinical Psychology
Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor State of California 1981
Awards or Honors

University Scholar
Syracuse University

Graduated Summa Cum Laude
Syracuse University
Phi Beta Kappa
Syracuse University
Phi Kappa Phi, Syracuse University 1974

Worked as a community worker and social worker with senior citizens in San Diego county coordinating health, mental health, recreational and educational opportunities for senior citizens.

Worked as a clinical psychologist providing counseling and psychotherapy to families and individuals in the San Diego community, using a special form of psychotherapy, conjoint family advocacy. The main assumption of this therapy was that each member of the family comes to the family experience with their own unique perspective. The implication in clinical practice is that each family member has their own therapist (advocate) who helps the patient voice their perspective to the rest of the family. The goal of conjoint family advocacy is to find the common perspective among al family members so they could resolve problems, heal wounds, and live together in a more balanced and harmonious environment. 1979-1983
Along with my two business partners, have founded two companies that conduct ValueCentered research throughout the world. I personally have worked as a ValueCentered researcher for the Fortune 100 companies throughout the U.S. and the world, as well as working for major political parties in the U.S., Italy, Russia, and Taiwan. Along with my business parnters, I have helped decision-makers understand the hearts and minds of their constituencies and helped develop products, services, policies, and communications that are truly responsive to people's needs. 1983-present

My Role at the Institute

Worked as a community worker and social worker with senior citizens in San Diego county coordinating health, mental health, recreational and educational opportunities for senior citizens.

I am the Director of International and Cross-Cultural Issues

"The combination of my training in anthropology and the vast experience I have had working in other cultures and countries provides me with the unique ability to step out of my own "cultural shoes" and see the world from someone else's perspective. It's an exhilarating experience to put aside my own values and assumptions and see the world through another's"

My responsibility at the Institute is to identify and coordinate work associated with international and /or cross-cultural issues that impact the way people live their lives, as it effects them within and across national borders. The goal of this endeavor is to improve understanding between and among people of different nations and different cultures, helping them find the common ground that connects them and brings harmony and balance instead of disunity.

"ValueCentered thinking is what I have attempted to live and master for more than twenty years of my life. Whether I'm riding my horse, interacting with my dogs, working on my novel, or dealing with people, I attempt to make ValueCentered philosopy and theory a part of my day to day life. It is a theory and philosophy that is deceptively simple, but profoundly incisive. I beliee that if we, as individuals, put into practice the principles of this philosophy and theory our world would be quite positively different than it currently is."

Favorite Quote

"When States are rightly governed, whole empires are made happy and tranquil. From the emperor down to the mass of the people, all must consider the cultivation of the person, the root of every things besides." (Confucius)


ValueCentered Medicine

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ValueCentered Medicine

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