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Shauna Hatton-Ward

Biographical Details


Biographical Details

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"I was born in a family of two with a brother that was 19 months younger than myself. My mother and father were both present during my childhood. I was married at 20 years of age and I have two children. One daughter (22) and a son (16)."

Personal Experience:
The most important things in my own private life are my children. My daughter was born and suffered from birth asphyxia, which contributed to her cerebral palsy, and she currently resides in a rehab hospital and attends a specialized program. Her life of medical complications has provided the template for my own experience and has both enhanced and enlightened my perspective. My former husband and I adopted our son as a 14 month old from a compromised environment. He was "healthy" physically but the emotional and mental challenges have again been a unique challenge to my experience. I adore my children and can't imagine my life without them - my life is my family. As small and unique as it may seem to some, it is my life and my challenge. I love being a mother, a friend, and participant in my community. I am headstrong, an advocate, and I love to serve the "underdog." I am a very good listener but I want to be heard as well.


Westminster College - Salt Lake City, UT

Brigham Young University - Laie, Hawaii
Brigham Young University - Provo, UT
Health and Human Sciences, social work, general education courses, psychology courses, and subjects related to nursing, medical, and sociology.

Awards or Honors

Volunteer of the Year Award - United Cerebral Palsy

Director Appointment - Primary Children's Medical Center
First Family Member to the Present "A Family Experience at Grand Rounds Primary Children's Medical Center
American Academy of Pediatrics Presenter - Every Child Deserves a medical home 1996-present

Board Member Emergency Medical Service for Children


Director of Family Centered Care Services at Primary Children's Medical Center. Coordinated the parent-to-parent program for the entire hospital. Served on numerous administrative boards, ethics committees, as well as provided direct patient care regarding family support advocacy issues. Served with a "parents perspective" with the Utah Emergency Medical Services for Children. Worked for five years with the Newborn Intensive care Unit as the parent support coordinator. Provided grief counseling, organized the bereavement program and provided daily support to families and their hospitalized children.

Consultant: Dr. Kevin Morgan. Implementation of Billing System and complete reorganization of office procedures. Negotiated payments from insurance companies and third party payors.

Pediatric Therapy Services office manager and therapy assistant. Provided emotional support to families as well as supervised office staff and coordinated all office procedures. Worked to create a patient friendly environment in therapy rooms and waiting areas.

President's Administrative Assistant, Fiber Technology Corporation. Organized all government contract meetings and completed administrative duties as outlined by the president

Summer Camp Counselor for LDS social Services. Served emotionally and physically abused children in the community

My Role at the Institute

I am the Director of Family Advocacy.

"My own personal life experience with my family as well as my professional experience has provided the backdrop for the unique ability I have to provide support to the Institute. Whether that is in consultation or writing educational articles or continuing to be a community activist in family advocacy issues, it continues to be both my passion and my life goal.

Empowering patients and families in their health care issues continues to be a movement in our world that is desperately needed. Families are now creating ways to be both "advocates" as well as "experts" in their care and the care of their children.

Families are learning to speak up, ask questions, provide details to professionals, and truly partner with health care teams. They are stronger, more resilient and can provide the best overall perspective to their own health needs and those of their families. The ValueCentered philosophy furthers the process for this empowerment. This philosophy governs both my personal and professional life."

Favorite Quotes

"We cannot afford to wait until the storm has passed. We must work in the rain." (Peter Silas)

"No Child is perfectly whole in mind, body, spirit, ability...nor can any child meet all of a parent's hopes and expectations. Yet there is a wholeness of each and every child, a wholeness that is unique and brings with it a unique set of possibilities and limitations, a unique set of opportunities for fulfillment." (Fred Rogers)


ValueCentered Medicine

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ValueCentered Medicine

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