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Susan Johnson

Biographical Details


Biographical Details

I was a Military child.

"I spent the first 16 years of my life being dragged around the world by my father's various military assignments and responsibilities. As a result I have happily lived in San Diego ever since. My family in San Diego consists of my mother, my sister, and three Shih T'zus, all boys. My brother and his family are the only ones who left town. In addition I have Darrel as my mentor and dearest friend and Sharon as my sister in arms."

I am a founding member of the Institute an have been with the core group for 30 years. I helped develop the key principles and theories that have shaped the Institute. I have designed and conducted research on international, political, business, medical, and cultural issues.


B.A. Psychology
San Diego State University

M.A. Research Psychology
San Diego State University
10,000 Hour Supervised Internship
Clinical Psychology
Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor
State of California
Awards or Honors

Graduated Cum Laude
San Diego State University

Who's Who in the World
Who's Who in America
Who's Who in Science & Engineering 2001-present

Coordinator and administrator for $2,000,000 grant to San Diego State University Foundation to place students in study related part-time jobs with various U.S. government laboratories in San Diego

Associate Director Clinical Decisions Branch of Naval health Research Center. Conducted large scale studies of military health care. Authored various scientific papers researching issues to create healthier, more efficient functioning in the military services
Provided counseling and psychotherapy to families and individuals in the San Diego community using conjoint family advocacy. The theory guiding the practice and the therapy provided was that each family member's perspective is unique and each person needs to have the opportunity to be a part of any solution. In clinical practice, each family members has their own therapist who helps the patient voice their perspective which would help family members resolve problems and create a healthier family environment in which all members might flourish.
As a founding partner of Strategic Vision and The Edwards Associates, I have been instrumental in developing the ValueCentered philosophy and its associated research techniques and tools. I am the author and discoverer of concepts that have shaped the thinking in various industries. Some examples are:
"Active and Passive Saftey" for the automotive industry, the "attainable ideal" fo the beauty industry, and "scrunchous" for Nestle's Crunch. I have conducted research and consultied with government leaders on cultural and political issues in the U.S., U.K., Italy, and Russia. I have captured the hearts and minds of individuals, from voters to consumers, to the decision makers who have responsibilities that reflect nations
My Role at the Institute

I am The Director of Research and Development for the Institute.

"Having been trained as a researcher and a clinician, it is easy to see the link between good theory, good research and good psychological tools and models. I am dedicated to developing those tools and models and improving them continually."

My responsibility at the institute is to develop and coordinate Institute research and model development. My goal is to deliver to the members of the Institute tools that can help them solve problems in their lives and in their endeavors. I was trained from the beginning of my psychological career by Dr. Darrel Edwards, the creator of ValueCentered principles work for all of us, to keep the work fresh and exciting. We have the theory and philosophy that can help create success for anyone who applies them.

Favorite Quote

"...give them correct principles and allow them to govern themselves." (Joseph Smith)


ValueCentered Medicine

The Truth about the "Women's Health Initiative's" by Suzan Johnson

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