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The Secret

The Tree of ValueCentered Knowledge

A Guide To a ValueCentered Life

Have you ever had an idea that seemed so right that you wanted to share it with everyone you knew?

I have.  It’s a metaphor for understanding why people are like they are; why our pets behave the way they do; why corporations work the way they work; why a date goes well or not; why government programs will succeed or fail; how social programs can succeed; and (almost) why gravity works.

I’ve found a clear, simple idea that can be incredibly complex if you want it to or so simple and easy that anyone can use it. It is the secret of just about everything   (See the Articles Below)

It will help you understand others and show you how to live a better life … a ValueCentered™ life. It will show you how to succeed at almost anything .

Unlike most ideas and schemes that assume you know how to behave so they can tell you what you already know … like the admonition to “be proactive” or “awaken the sleeping giant” … the ideas presented here teach you things that you do not know, but that make great sense once you think about them.

Of course, we already live lives that are governed by the CoreValues within us although we may not clearly understand them or how they work.  If we are not strong and clear, we may be buffeted by impulse and whim.

I want us to understand how we operate, take charge, and make our lives truly ValueCentered.

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